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Discover the skincare box that matches your skin and save € 7!

by Leen Cammaerts |

For years we, at CÎME, have been providing natural, honest products for a green bathroom cabinet. Now we want to help you out with your personal skincare routine. That’s why we've just launched three skincare boxes tailored to your skin! Whether you have oily, combination, sensitive, normal, mature or dry skin.

Every skin is unique and needs personal care. With the right facial care, your skin will shine and feel healthier. Not sure what skin type you have yet or what products best fit your needs? Find out in no time with our skincare test. It will also tell you which of our skincare boxes best matches your skin!
Your search for the right skincare routine or products is finally over!


CÎME skincare boxes


“Customers often ask for the ideal facial cream and the right skincare routine that matches their skin. To make things easier, we developed a skincare test that immediately tells every customer what their ideal skincare routine and cream is. We turned these different routines into three skincare boxes. One to suit every skin type!”
Isabel Coppens & Anke de Boeck, CÎME


Thanks to our skincare test you find out about your skin type and you discover the ideal products to care for your skin. Based on a couple of questions, it tells you which day and night cream is ideal for you. The three skincare boxes are meant for normal or sensitive skin, dry or mature skin and oily or combination skin.

Every box contains three products:

  • Recette de pureté | Oil cleanser and makeup remover 100ml
  • Rosée de Roses | Cleansing and tonifying lotion 150ml
  • The day and night cream for your personal skin type 50ml


Do the skincare test!


CÎME’s 3 step skincare routine lined up!


1. Cleanse

Recette de Pureté

A proper cleanser is key for every skin type. Our oil cleanser & makeup remover Recette de Pureté is very soft and removes all impurities and makeup thoroughly.
And yes, for those wondering, using an oil cleanser when you have oily or combination skin is perfectly fine! Read about it here!


2. Purify

Rosée de Roses

After cleansing your face, it’s best to apply a micellar water to balance your skin. Rosée de Roses, our cleansing & tonifying lotion removes impurities and makeup and helps to repair the natural balance of the skin.


3. Moisturize

It's very important to use a day and night cream that matches your personal skin in order to let your skin glow!
That's why we have a facial cream in our collection for every skin type.


Need an extra boost?

You might want to upgrade your 3-step skincare routine with our repairing serum, Kissed by Rose.
It stimulates natural cellular regeneration and restores skin elasticity, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. On top, our serum helps to calm red skin and brighten the complexion.



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