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Kissed by a Rose - Repairing serum

by Anke De Boeck |

Our precious, ultra repairing “Kissed by a Rose serum” is a super concentrated serum with a unique blend of precious oil from the Himalaya. The repairing serum is an ultimate youth elixir. It stimulates cell regeneration, helps the skin’s elasticity & gives an extra kick of nourishment. It also works to heal scarring and dark spots.


As it is very concentrated, you only need 1 or 2 drops to experience the benefits of this serum. Let your skin get kissed by a rose and enjoy the amazing smell and smooth texture of this serum.


How to use?


1. Dry/normal/sensitive skin = Apply a small amount of our serum in the morning and/or evening with your fingertips to the skin of your face, eye contours and neck. Let this penetrate your skin for a while - before applying your day or night cream. 


2. Oily skin/Imperfections = Use this on the contours of your eyes as an eye treatment to reduce fine lines and hydrate the delicate skin under the eyes. 




  • Mix a drop with your day cream to give an extra kick
  • Use this serum on scars anywhere on your body to nourish and fade the scar.


What does it do?


Rich in the rare fatty acid Omega 7 and Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C and E, this serum stimulates natural cellular regeneration and restores skin elasticity. Moreover, it helps to reduce fine lines, normalise irritated, red skin and brighten the complexion.


Unique blend of precious Himalayan oils


Damask rose oil


The Damask Rose is one of the most ancient roses & the most powerful and effective rose oil! It originates from the Middle East & is more precious than gold + it takes 50 roses to make 1 drop of rose oil. It is known as the first, original rose...the Queen of Roses. It is an efficient ingredient in countering the ageing process of the skin. It purifies, revitalizes and softens the skin, and is also known for its anti-inflammatory and calming properties that help treat redness.


Apricot kernel oil


Apricot originally comes from Armenia & is an important component in traditional Chinese medicine for its pharmaceutical properties. Apricot seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids such as Oleic & Linoleic acid as well as Vitamin A & E. It maintains skin elasticity and clarity and has excellent moisturizing properties for prematurely aged, dry or sensitive skin. Apricot kernel oil is known to penetrate your skin without leaving an oily feel on top of it and works anti-inflammatory making it perfect for eczema.


Sesame oil


Sesame is known to be the oldest oilseed crop known to humanity, originating in Africa. It’s not only amazing to cook with but because of vitamins like E, B and D and many minerals it is also great for the skin. It is antibacterial and therefore effective to reduce rashes and pimples. 


Rosehip oil


This oil is pressed from the fruit of the wild rose plant that originate in the Himalayas. The oil is used for its high content in vitamin A (retinol), E, K and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It boosts skin regeneration and elasticity and helps to reduce fine lines and brighten the skin.


The ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans loved rosehips all because of their amazing healing properties. It corrects dark spots, reduces scars and fine lines and nourishes sensitive skin.


Sea Buckthorn Oil

Originating from the mountainous regions, sea buckthorn has been used for over 1,000 years in Tibetan medicine to treat burns and skin injuries. The pulp and seeds of this orange berry contain over 40 amino acids, vitamins A, B-1, B-2, B12, C (7 times as much as a lemon!) and E as well as essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9. And it's a rich source of Omega-7, a precious essential fatty acid vital to collagen production and skin regeneration. It nourishes the skin deeply, reduces discoloration and fades blemishes + It’s anti-aging. It promotes cell regeneration and helps with elasticity. And it gives a golden glow!


Rosemary oil


Rosemary comes from the mint family and originates from the Asia and the Mediterranean. It’s actually great to reduce puffiness under the eyes, making it great to use as an eye treatment. It helps to reduce acne and signs of aging.  


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Love, the CÎME-team

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