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The CÎME products your kids need to bring at summer camp!

by Anke De Boeck |

Are your kids going on summer camp this year? If yes, you are probably thrilled knowing they are going to live amazing adventures but you may also feel a bit worried not being able to look after them. Here are some CÎME products you can put in their backpacks so you are sure they will take care of their skin!

Le Baume by CÎME

A true multitasker! In its small container which is easy to carry everywhere you go, Le Baume by CÎME is essential when spending a few days away from home. It can solve a lot of skin problems, including some your kids may face at summer camp. Thanks to its formula, the multipurpose balm puts a subtle layer on the skin or the lips. It can easily be used to nourish and repair dry or irritated spots on the face and to restore and calm rough skin on hands and elbows. All the ingredients are natural so you can give it to your kids without hesitation!

Nuts about you

After a day full of activities, it is important your kids have a nice shower during which they can use your favourite hand and body wash: “Nuts about you”. Himalayan soap nuts are used to leave the skin impeccably clean while keeping it soft and hydrated. Also, a blend of nine essential oils is used to create a revigorating and exquisite scent. As more than 97% of the ingredients are from natural origin, Nuts about you hand and body wash respects both your kids’ skin and our environment. 

Himalaya balm

While at summer camp your kids are going to live a lot of adventures which can unfortunately cause annoying ailments such as mosquito bites, sunburn or blisters. In this case we have the perfect solution: the multi-purpose Himalaya 29°N-81°E balm that replaces a whole range of other products in your kids’ first aid kit. Indeed it can be used in case of irritated skin, cracks, scars, insect bites, bruises and much more. 

Your kids are going to love these three CÎME products so don’t hesitate to put them in their backpacks before they go on summer camp ! 

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