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Tip Tuesday: The benefits of multifunctional dry oil

by Tess Ghewij |

A product to make your legs hydrate and shine, conditioner to soften the hair, oil to protect the hair tips, nail oil. Do you have a separate product in your bathroom for all these applications? WAW, bye bye space in your bathroom and painful your budget. All these problems are gone with the beautifying and multifunctional dry oil l'Huile by CÎME.


A multifunctional dry oil, only benefits!


The benefits in a row:


  • The oil absorbs very quickly compared to a regular oil. An ordinary oil will remain on your skin for a long time and will often feel greasy. With a dry oil you don’t have that problem at all. This makes it much more enjoyable and faster to use.


  • As the word itself says, the oil is multifunctional. You can use the oil on dry hair tips, to smooth your legs, for your nails, to mix with your day or night cream etc.


  • The carrot extract in the formula gives you a beautiful complexion without using a fake tan. An additional advantage for parties!


The CÎME team

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