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Who uses the same moisturizer as you?

by Anke De Boeck |

Honestly Beautiful Ambassadors.

Lynn Van Royen, Laura Van De Woestyne and Nena Driehuijzen use our facial care products on a daily basis. They each have a different skin type and therefore also a different day and night cream. Find out who uses the same moisturizer as you.

Don’t know which day and night cream is right for you? Do the test here.

Lynn Van Royen, Belgian actress → Under my Skin

“In the morning I first cleanse my face with Rosée de Roses and then apply a day cream. In winter it's Under my Skin and in summer Daisy Delight (smoothing day & night cream).

In the evening after a day on set, I have a more extensive ritual. First I massage my face with Recette de Pureté so that everything comes loose. Then I foam it up a bit with water and take the rest off with a wet washcloth. Afterwards I use Rosée de Roses and take off the leftovers around my eyes with a cotton wool before I dry my face.

Finally I apply Kissed by a Rose once a week and then use Under my Skin of Daisy Delight.” 


Laura Van De Woestyne, zero-waste warrior → Belle d'amour

“I really try to only use natural products, but it can often be a bit of a search for what works and what doesn’t. During that quest, I became a big fan of CÎME! If I can, I also try to look for plastic-free alternatives, and replace them with reusable materials. For example reusable cotton wimps. 

My skin type is quite normal, but in the winter my skin can be quite dry. That's why moisturizing every day is super important for me. First I rinse my face with fresh water. Then I clean with Recette de Pureté and the micellar lotion Rosée de Roses. Finally, I use Belle d'amour to nourish my skin!”


Nena Driehuijzen, photographer → Daisy Delight

“Big fan over here. Not because I've been working with CÎME from the very beginning, but when I attended a DIY workshop, I was immediately sold. The story behind the brand is so beautiful, which isn’t the case with most standard cosmetics. A few months later, I resolutely threw all my other skincare products into the bin. 

I'm the so-called "lazy" user. First some Rosée de Roses on a towel, rub, rub & done cleaning. Hooray! Afterwards I mainly use Daisy Delight. I have mixed skin and easily can use this light cream all year round.

During photo shoots I also often come across Daisy Delight. More and more make-up artists I work with use it as a basis. Useful for when I forgot to apply my own day cream in the morning.”
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