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What 'Honestly Aging' means to us

Wrinkles, fine lines, tired eyes, sounds familiar? We ourselves notice that we are getting older. For example, we see wrinkles, spots, crow's feet and tired eyes appear in the mirror. By looking at ourselves and also talking to those close to us, we notice that we are all dealing with it. But we feel a lot of resistance to the concept of "Anti-Aging." Read on below to discover our view on aging and our Honestly Aging philosophy. And we are soon launching a new line around this philosophy. We will reveal that soon. So stay tuned! Can't wait? You can already discover it here!    "You are honestly beautiful", Anke and Isabel, the CÎME co-founders      1. Our view on aging We find it normal within our society to insist on 'eternal youth'. Within the beauty industry, there is often added pressure from products that focus on 'Anti-Aging'.  This 'anti' makes us feel that we have to resist aging, something we cannot stop. We get the impression that aging is a problem that needs to be solved and that we are not allowed to be who we become in that aging process. That doesn't feel fair. Why should getting older equal being less valuable? Don't we all actually become more interesting as we gain more life experience? Let's go for the milder version of "Anti-Aging" and consciously choose "Honestly Aging. That way, we stay honest with ourselves, as well as with our bodies. Why should we all have to fight so hard against nature? That way we mainly end up exhausted and unhappy. We can just embrace that aging, can't we? Gradually we notice that more and more people look at aging differently. We too want to look at aging differently. We ourselves notice daily that we are getting older. We see wrinkles, spots, crow's feet and tired eyes appearing in the mirror. By looking at ourselves and also talking to those close to us, we notice that it concerns us all. From our own honestly beautiful philosophy, we therefore want to support the skin in aging and above all in a healthy way! Not only are we getting older, our skin is getting older too. Let's do that in the best possible way, by being the best version of ourselves and not necessarily the younger version.   2. Customized skin care Everyone looks at themselves differently, which is why we all approach and experience aging differently.  As we age ourselves and enter a new phase of life, we discover more and more what "Honestly Aging" means to us. We do not see aging as something negative and see it primarily as an interesting change both on the outside and inside. We realize that in addition to more life wisdom, we are also getting more mature skin, which requires appropriate care. Our skin now needs impactful ingredients that support its natural development. It's more about 'How can I help my skin age in a healthy and beautiful way?' As a skincare brand, we feel the responsibility to actively promote a 'healthy attitude towards aging' without imprinting the negative image of Anti-Aging.   3. A specific lifestyle Honestly Aging' goes further than a customized skincare regime because we are getting older, it is also a lifestyle. You consciously choose within 'Honestly Aging' to take good care of yourself, embrace yourself and sincerely enjoy all the benefits of aging. We believe it is important that everyone can be the best version of themselves, regardless of age or skin type. Our philosophy 'Honestly Beautiful' means that beauty is independent of that age or skin type, your weight or any insecurity that settles in your mind. And that's where 'Honestly Aging' joins in as well. Approve of yourself for being allowed to be who you want to be, no matter what age you are. You automatically radiate that when you choose the lifestyle that comes with 'Honestly Aging.' It's definitely not just about how you look on the outside, but how you feel on the inside every day. Focusing on self-care will always boost your mental well-being, which is also 'Honestly Aging'. Be kind to yourself and your body that is changing, you can be proud of the person you are becoming when you look in the mirror.   4. Honestly Aging line How we actively started working on our idea around 'Honestly Aging'? We would like to reveal that shortly. For us, the process of aging mainly involves beauty, wisdom and more life experience. Not everyone is lucky enough to grow older. Embrace the natural process of aging and make the most of it! That is the summary message that 'Honestly Aging' holds for us.   Can't wait to discover the new 'Honestly Aging' line we are launching soon? Find out more here.  Anke & Isabel & the CÎME team  

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