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What? Double cleansing?

by Anke De Boeck |

In Asia, women have been using the double cleansing method for centuries to keep their skin in top shape. In the west, more and more women are starting to understand the importance of good cleansing.



The idea behind double cleansing is that you use two different types of cleansers instead of one. Usually this is the combination of an oil cleanser and another type of cleanser.



All products and dirt on our skin should be removed at night to avoid wrinkles and imperfections and to keep the skin young and radiant. A double cleansing ensures that all dead skin cells, dirt, excess oils and makeup on the skin are properly removed.



Cleansing 1:

Apply Recette de Pureté to dry skin. Wet your hands and massage the cleansing oil into your skin. Afterwards, rinse with lukewarm water.

Recette de Pureté cleanses deeply, removing all makeup (including waterproof) & impurities, while maintaining the skin’s moisture balance. For a clean, refreshed and silky soft skin, without leaving a greasy feeling.


Cleansing 2:

Apply Rosée de Roses to a cleansing cotton. Wipe your face with the misted cleansing cotton. No need to rinse afterwards.

This mild and gentle micellar water removes any makeup and impurities that are left and cleanses without drying out the skin. Our Rosée de Roses lotion helps to close pores and repair the natural balance of the skin.

 Rosée de Roses


Your skin is now ready for applying your serum and day and night cream. Because your skin is well-cleansed, the serum and cream will work more effectively.

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